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Every great CMO “Chief Marketing Officer” could use a hand finding the most influential luxury marketing resources. Ever wonder who should you tweet or engage on Twitter when it comes to luxury goods? Understandably, luxury brands fear social media because it unveils the exclusivity engagement. Not all social media channels […]

CMO Guide To Finding Influential Luxury Twitter Profiles #Luxury #LuxuryMarketing

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Hanging a SALE sign in the store window and on the website is all wrong. When it comes to selling luxury goods the word “sale” is a very bad four letter word for attempting to target or engage high net worth individuals. As luxury brands and luxury retailers fear the […]

Fixing Luxury PR Media Problems For Luxury Brands #Luxury

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New York-based Concierge Auctions is the dominant player in the luxury real estate auctions sector, selling high-end properties worldwide through a transparent and market-based bidding process. Since its founding in 2008, Concierge’s business has spanned the globe, including 27 US states and 5 countries, and the firm has produced numerous […]

Luxury Concierge Auctions $1 Billion Success Strategy