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St. John + New Creative Director Zoe Turner

Embracing St. John’s future while paying homage to its past, the story unfolds with a redesigned logo – a subtle yet powerful change.  Leading this new narrative is a refreshingly modern limited-edition capsule collection created by Turner and her team of artisans and knitwear technicians. The 20 head-to-toe looks to push the boundaries of craft and couture, as …


YAYING 2020 Couture Collection: Past, Present, and Future of Chinese Culture

YAYING launched its 2020 haute couture collection in its debut solo fashion show. BEIJING, November 17th, 2019 (MC Luxury Press Release) This season, Chen Xi, YAYING’s creative director, draws inspiration from The Forbidden City as a tribute to the finest of Chinese aesthetics and craftsmanship, and a celebration of The Forbidden City’s 600th anniversary next year, whilst …

Natural Ribbon Mosnar Communications

Fashion + Beauty: How-to Do Thoughtful Holiday Swag Gifting

Fashion and Beauty brands are being urged to consider thoughtful holiday gifting for the season. This year more than ever and new efforts to shape how PR agencies responsible for handling Swag gift-giving for top luxury brands show appreciation. The push for “Greener Fashion” is transforming how luxury brands will gift print editors, influencers, and …

Goop Health Studios Mosnar Communications

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Clean Beauty Lifestyle Disrupting Online Luxury Shopping

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop a modern lifestyle brand that’s also a website turned clean beauty into a lifestyle platform. Offering a mobile website of vital content for clean beauty, food, style, travel, wellness, work, and luxurious shopping of top luxury brands. A boss move that is disrupting online luxury shopping and driving a need for digital content …

Vintage Wanted Designer T-Shirt Brand Logo 2 CharmPosh Mosnar Communications

CHARMPOSH Designer T-Shirts Attracting Cool Parents To Amazon Fashion

CHARMPOSH is changing the game with their designer T-shirts by attracting cool parents to Amazon Fashion. When it comes to fashion designer trends, has always been able to capture millennial parents and their posh offsprings. CHARMPOSH Designer T-Shirts Being able to transform from a blog to a family lifestyle brand, CharmPosh has been around for …