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sdotbeauty Mosnar Communications

Black Beauty Luxury Brands 28 Amazing Days #CelebrateBlackBeauty

Black beauty luxury brands were celebrated in the media for 28 amazing days, in celebration of February being Black History Month. Let’s keep the diversity going all year long! Don’t stop celebrating black beauty luxury brands! #CelebrateBlackBeauty Juteux luxury natural lip balm by Curly D from Curly Davenport is a black-owned company and 50% owned …

Luxury Exclusivity Mosnar Communications

Luxury Marketing Trends For 2019 – How To Survive The New Year

Luxury marketing trends for 2019 will be all about how to survive the slowdown. Smart luxury brands will focus on improving their online presence and co-branding with established websites that already have niche audiences to reach luxury consumers. Luxury Marketing Trends For 2019 These are the top luxury marketing trends for 2019, take your luxury …