Clive Christian Chasing the Dragon Euphoric



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Clive Christian Chasing the Dragon Euphoric!

This heady floral perfume transports wearers into ecstasy with 201 precious ingredients. The result is an exotic and sultry scent, reminiscent of the Eastern world’s abundant beauty.

Clive Christian Perfume is a leading independent British perfume house with a vision to create the world’s finest perfumes. The base blends rich amber resins and boozy oakwood notes. Then, deep-dark patchouli and amber are paired with sensual sandalwood, musks, and vanilla for added warmth.

An intoxicating heart of potent florals delivers a provocative hit. And, a cocktail of ylang-ylang, jasmine, narcissus, and rose brings together the scent’s blooming floral bouquet.

25% perfume concentration for unparalleled longevity. This product is a genuine product backed by its original manufacturer.


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