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All luxury press releases will go live in 24-hours. We do not accept any spam or promotional content. This must be a properly written luxury press release and it must be related to luxury industry news and subject matter (such as luxury news, luxury brand, luxury real estate, luxury hotel, luxury car, beauty, fashion, jewelry, etc). Payment refunds will be sent automatically in 24-hours if not accepted by our editors. A maximum of 5 clickable links may be included in a luxury press release. All links will be automatically clickable starting from the HTTP or HTTPS address provided in content Text submission. Please Do Not submit any copyrighted or trademark images or content without permission. By submitting a luxury press release you accept our Terms and Conditions and understand that we are not responsible for the accuracy and completeness for any information published by you or your company and you are acting as the representative with authorized permission to submit a luxury press release. MC reserves the right to deny or remove any luxury press release submission that is deemed not to be suitable to the platform. Including updating tile for the luxury press release or text content for SEO purposes and enhancements.
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