Sometimes I feel it is necessary to wakeup the luxury industry that I serve. Actually, it is my influence and connections to the luxury world that prompted a person to contact me back in September of 2008 about a missing child cold case (over 23 years). Hoping those with money will care enough to help make a difference and bring spotlight.

The person who contacted me urged me to make aware the injustice of missing cases by race, cultural, and economic status. So I did the research and found that also profiled these same issues.

While many people are preparing to watch the Oscars tonight, families of missing persons are left wondering what happened to their loved ones. My life has been touched by Jeffery Lynn Smith, a missing child now adult who is featured on the website of National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Her family knows her endearingly as their Lynn. For me, Lynn has become almost an obsession and even a passion to help bring justice for her. That is why we have named her PR campaign the “Justice For Lynn Campaign” and I promise to never stop spotlighting Lynn in the media until justice is served. I am driven by a force that everyday sees my happy (blessed) life progressing and Lynn’s life stopping as Lynn and I are close in age.

I was overjoyed when I learned that Chandra Levy’s cold case received a break and that a suspect was about to be named. My God, what a miracle I screamed as seeking justice for Lynn has brought me to feel such compassion for the family and friends of Chandra.

Lynn’s sister, Lisa Murray is an inspiration and has one of the most beautiful sprits I have ever encountered. Together we have made a pack with a mission to find justice for Lynn. Lisa worked very hard in her own personal investigation and got Lynn’s CLOSED cold case reopened. Evidence and discovery in Lynn’s missing case clearly demonstrates how economic status and race can play a major role in seeking justice. But the media influence is much more powerful than most even realize.

Lynn was only 15 years old when she went missing. This beautiful young girl was in an abusive relationship with a young male and no one knows what happened to her even 23 years later. This is not a Hollywood happy ending but a real life living nightmare.

If you know anything, please contact 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Please help us pass on information about the “Justice for Lynn Campaign” in Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Stumbleupon, etc.

Media inquiries please contact me at postmaster @

Investigative Agency: Hot Springs Police Department

Phone: 501-321-6793

Case #: 8510374/02L002125

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