I got to thinking about the mania that surrounds Senator Barack Obama in the press and how he has become a media darling to reporters and the people. And Obama mania does not just stop there, he has a celebrity following also taken by his media darling appeal. Obama mania is pulling the A List celebrities; here is a rundown of top Obama mania celebrity supporters.

With all buzz stressing the media is for Obama and voters are still split. How will reporters survive the Obama mania if they are not the media sources most selected by his campaign? Will this have an impact on his popularity?

How serious is this Media Darling Impact that Obama carries, I read an article that a journalist wrote about having a crush on Obama! Did this whole thing start with the YouTube Obama Girl?

Look, I am one to talk because I most likely have a case of the Obama Mania myself! He had me at YouTube and hello! This thing is scary even my husband has a crush on Obama!

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