I am not certain if The Ritz-Carlton understands the true definition purpose in America for Black History month or yet alone around the world. I strongly suggest that companies and brands consider doing research before launching PR campaigns that tie in with history accomplishments (especially Black History). Most importantly understand the actual purpose of the month and why it is being celebrated.
While I certainly applaud The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta for acknowledging Black History Month, I wonder if they really understand how to use the recognition to connect with consumers. In a Business Wire released by The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta, Yves Samake, executive chef creates a four-course dinner menu of African dishes paired with South African wines in recognition of Black History Month, the annual celebration highlighting the people, culture and events of Black history worldwide.

A great concept that left me very empty with the message The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta was seeking to deliver. No call to action for me, as I was lost in understanding the real media message of the campaign. In a down economy (recession) marketers will need to understand that fluff is dead and real media strategies will be necessary to sustain.

Don’t just throw together a PR campaign and jump on a bandwagon. The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta is home to Dr. Martin Luther King, JR who helped to pioneer the Civil Rights movement. If Ritz-Carlton Atlanta wanted to acknowledge Black History Month, then really do it! Stopping at remaining proper and politically correct is so yesterday.
Atlanta is rooted in Black History… Diversifying will be necessary for the nation and world to grow. However, we must still stop and honor those who have made achievements for advancement in an honorable way. Black History PR campaigns will need to be strong and those focused on luxury PR will need to know how to implement them so that they connect with audiences.

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