What does the U.S. Gov really know about selling luxury? Actually not much they even launched a campaign to find experienced real estate brokers to help sell properties owned by Bernie Madoff. However, they may be overlooking a major PR problem and to sell Madoff’s luxury properties they will certainly need luxury PR. Not likely they even considered a Google search for luxury PR.

The luxury PR problem with selling Madoff’s properties is that luxury is a perception. What is the concept value of Madoff’s luxuries? No question his brand image has been destroyed and the focus will need to be about luxury lifestyle as well as engage target audiences to move the properties. Generally, people buy celebrity merchandise because of the brand image that the celebrity represents.

They plan to sell Madoff’s Upper Eastside penthouse in NYC, a beach house in the East Hamptons in Montauk, NY, and a palatial residence in Palm Beach, Fla. Each property has an estimated value each of $7 million dollars.

I suggest that the real estate brokers marketing Madoff’s properties immediately eliminate the bargain hunters. After all this is prime real estate we are talking about and the right luxury PR plan could bring in more than retail value for these properties.

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