President Barack Obama you so changed the game! If I do say so myself now is a VERY marketable time to be a BLACK Man in America. Wow, never EVER thought I would or even could be able to say that. However, let the Black man PR promos begin. The Great Black Hope?

So just how do I know this is what’s happening? We are getting more calls from major corporations to help spear PR campaigns directed toward the $1 Trillion dollar buying power of black Americans predicted for 2011. Not to take away from our merits as we do rank in the top percent for key search words “Luxury PR” on Google. Which I respect Google because they truly have organized a search preference on top research over color! Check out the blog article my fellow AdAge Power150 blogging expert Chris Abraham did on us.

So according to NY Times, The Republican National Committee chose Michael Steele, an African-American, as party chairman on Friday, putting a new face on a beleaguered party as it seeks the right posture to take on President Obama and an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress.

All I can say is that times are really changing! Thank God.

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