While women of African decent may want to style long flowing locks, especially celebrities. Take some tips from a recent report surrounding Naomi Campbell’s going bald drama. The supermodel at 38 is losing her hair and it all started 15 years ago when she started wearing hair extensions.

Fashion photographer Huggy Ragnarsson told Britain’s The Sun newspaper that Naomi’s long flowing locks made possible with hair extensions, also known as hairweave was to blame. Ragnarsson says Campbell was warned about the risk involved with hair extensions but she ignored them.

Citing, that “The hair stylist Sam McKnight said to me in the ’90s, ‘She’d better be careful with those weaves, she’s going to lose her hair,’” said Ragnarsson.

Should we expect celebs like Beyonce or Janet Jackson who often sport long flowing hair weaves to go bald? I sure hope not! The Queen of media Oprah Winfrey who built much of her

trademark career around wearing her own bouncing locks now wears a wavy hairweave.
I guess it is a price you have to pay to be beautiful.

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