The jewelry collection of Bravo’s Atlanta Housewives “Lisa Wu Hartwell” is featured in magazine and there were some pieces that actually caught my eye!

These eye-catching rings are available in multiple stones, including the three shown here—amethyst with diamonds, green amethyst with diamonds and citrine with diamonds.

Lisa’s 18-karat gold flawless to near colorless bangles are $1,500.00.

This regal necklace contains 14-karat gold and blue topaz drops on a 14-karat chain.

Lisa’s custom Blue Lapis three-strand necklace has 14-karat gold accents and a 14-karat gold closure. This item is priced at $450.00.

This is a three multistoned 34-inch necklace with gold-filled beads. The necklace is a $375 custom item.

This dyed pink jade necklace is on a 14-karat chain with 14-karat gold accents and tassel. The necklace is a custom item and is the only one of its kind. This exclusive piece is priced $1,200.00.

Accented with three diamonds, this 18-karat gold cuff is priced at $3,000.00

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