Sen. Barack Obama was heckled by a group of young African American males during a town hall meeting in Florida. Obama allowed one young male to ask questions and encouraged the crowd to follow democracy by letting him speak.

The young man accursed Obama of not speaking out not once concerning issues in the African American community. To which Obama addressed his record of working to pass laws to stop predatory lending practices. Additionally, Obama corrected the facts that he did speak up concerning Katrina, Jena Six, and Sean Bell shooting.

Then Barack Obama did what no one else has ever really done running for office, he told the young men they have the option to vote for someone else running in the presidential election. He stressed that they could run for public office if they don’t approve of how he is handling things. Also he had to advise the young man to stop shouting back and allow him to answer his questions.

Would John McCain been able to handle this crowd and in this type of situation? Clearly, this young male is mad with the world. What cause him to feel this way? Hearing media stories like Katrina, Jena Six, and Sean Bell shooting, etc?

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