The journey to building a blogging career takes a lot of persistence and hard work to reach the top. What is the new obsession with top bloggers and how have these top bloggers all of a sudden become overnight celebrities? Well, for one thing they can reach and attract audiences in the masses. Which is a marketers dream and they pay top dollars for blogs that can draw blockbuster results.

When it comes to blogs and those who blog the competition is stiff. You even have Hollywood celebrities who mix their blogs in the blog sphere which makes them also blog competitors. However, those in Hollywood have an unfair advantage because they are publicly known and this gives their blogs more exposure over unknown blogs.
So how do you actually make your blog standout in a crowd of millions and even billions of blogs?
1. The first step is you have to start blogging, stop talking about thinking about blogging and just decide to do it.
2. You have to determine your blog’s niche and what your blog will add that is comparable to competitor blogs and what they don’t offer.
3. It will be very necessary to toot the horn about your blog, consider starting a publicity campaign that will help build your blog’s brand recognition.

The key factor for new blogs to be successful will be the ability to build brand recognition. Make sure that your blog stands out in the crowd.
Happy blogging!

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