Although Liberia is still in recovery from 13 years of civil war, BET founder and self-made billionaire Robert L. Johnson is ready to assist by adding a luxury hotel and a new image.

According to Johnson he feels that Liberia was settled by freed U.S. slaves. “I believe passionately that African Americans have a responsibility to support Liberia much like Jewish Americans back Israel,” he stresses.

On Monday Johnson will unveil the model showroom to potential investors and guests. The hotel called RLJ Kendeja Resorts & Villas will be an $8 million, 85-room, four-star resort on the Atlantic coast of northern Africa, near the capital of Liberia. Slated to open in March, with rates of $150 to $200 a night, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is expected to host the first guests.

Johnson reveals, “There is no hotel in West Africa like this,” while sitting straight-backed on the edge of the bed in a crisp blue suit. “This will be a Class-A beachfront property, with great views from the bar and restaurant out to the ocean. This really is going to be something.”

He also makes note, “There is a window of opportunity, and we have to make sure that the opportunity is realized,” Johnson said.

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