As luxury brands continue to scramble for strategies to target super rich Chinese consumers. A solution to gain credibility is to win China’s fashion bloggers. Actually, luxury brands are gifting China’s fashion bloggers like they are top celebrities.

The credibility value that China’s fashion bloggers hold to influence Chinese consumers to purchase luxury goods is growing. However, luxury brands must also incorporate a strategic plan and approach for gifting these fashion bloggers that includes luxury brand awareness education. Luxury brands must move beyond simply gifting but think interactive advertising to infuse introduction to their brands in this desired market. China’s fashion bloggers must become interactive ad campaigns for luxury brands to achieve sustainability.

Luxury brands must also understand that pitching China’s fashion bloggers with gifts is not a door in. There are more necessary steps such as engagement and quality to influence this media outlet.  Truly for luxury brands they will need the assistance of an experienced luxury PR firm to gain entry to utilize China’s fashion bloggers as media resources. A hit or miss that many of them can not afford to not land.

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