Actress Christina Applegate who is only 36 has been diagnosed with breast cancer. According to spokeswoman Ame Van Iden released via email, Applegate was diagnosed with cancer during a regular MRI.

“Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery,” Van Iden said.

Applegate has a family history of both breast and cervical cancer. Which her mother has battled both and is an advocate for breast cancer research.

According to WebMD only 5% of all breast cancer cases occur in women under 40 years old. However, breast cancer can strike at any age, and women of every age should be aware of their personal risk factors for breast cancer. (A risk factor is a condition or behavior that puts a person at an increased chance for developing a disease.)

Christina rose to fame in the 1980s on “Married … With Children,” won an Emmy for a guest role as Jennifer Aniston’s sister on “Friends,” and now plays an amnesiac in her own sitcom, “Samantha Who?”

Hollywood gossip TV show Extra reported earlier that Applegate had cancer.

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