Truly it appears to be no end in sight for the foreclosure crisis. A new situation showing that the foreclosure crisis is now impacting million dollar plus homes. Homeowners facing foreclosures are beginning to take control of their destiny and starting to fight to keep their homes.

Jury Gives Woman $1.2 Million in Lawsuit Over Mortgage! click here
14 Foreclosure Cases Dismissed filed by Deutsche Bank! click here
Washington Mutual Inc. Can’t Foreclose on $1.5 Million Dollar Property. click here
Homeowners Defeat Chevy Chase Bank . click here
The subprime mortgage industry was so greedy and speedy which they did not do good bookkeeping and tracking their mortgage notes. As a results homeowners are learning important techniques and information to fight foreclosure challenging mortgage companies to produce the note!
Even CNN, did a special report on how challenging the mortgage company to produce the note can work to stop foreclosure and get a better deal.
The best way to fight foreclosure is to learn how the process works, options to prevent foreclosure and how to fight to protect your home from foreclosure. Requesting you’re Mortgage Company to produce the note works well in judicial foreclosure states. However, in non judicial foreclosure states homeowners need to take extra steps to use this strategy.
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