The Christmas Tree Bauble from Hallmark Jewelers is the most luxurious ornament in the entire world. Media attention around the ornament being the most expensive has scored publicity features in top leading luxury blogs such as Bornrich, Luxuo, Luxist and many more leading luxury publications.

“It is very important to highlight the craftsmanship and excellence this beautiful ornament represents. Luxury offerings should add value to the perception of luxury and quality. The Christmas Tree Bauble represents the highest quality of luxury to add a unique holiday experience,” stated CR Cataunya Ransom Lead Publicist of Mosnar Communications, Inc.

The world’s most valuable Christmas Tree Bauble is presented in a bespoke hand made wooden box complete with a stand. The National Association of Goldsmiths have independently valued the gold and diamond bauble to be worth £82,000.00 confirming that Hallmark Jewellers of Titchfield have indeed created the most valuable Christmas Tree Bauble in the world.

Creator and Hallmark partner Mark Hussey says; “This is the second bauble we have created and our most valuable by far. As the name ‘Faberge’ has become synonymous with Easter Eggs, I hope the name of Hallmark Jewellers will be forever linked to Christmas.”

Three stunning one carat diamonds adorn the centre band of this unique 18 carat gold Christmas decoration. Orbiting this spectacular bauble are two ruby encrusted rings.

Designed by Hallmark partner Mark Hussey and created in their village workshop.

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