Known for her columns “Speakin’ It real w/ Sibrena” and bi-lingual publication called, “La Chic: The Magazine For Women.” her media trademarks. Sibrena Stowe Fernandez, CEO/Founder, of LaChic, Inc formerly Stowe Communications has just celebrated 12 years in the entertainment industry.

Fernandez, of Afro-Cuban descent is considered Hip Hop’s Urban socialite and a leader in media buys. Recently, her company landed a new account with a successful recording label, Music World Entertainment. Her current clients include top celebrities; the firm has booked over 300 commercial ads for recording artist, Solange Knowles, whose album is entitled, “Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams”. Solange’s sophomore album premiered on August 9, 2008 has placed #9 on the Billboard charts and sold over 46,000 copies in one month.
Music World Entertainment has an established musical line-up and La Chic, Inc. will be instrumental in placing all TV ads for their entire roster, including gospel group Trin-i-tee 5:7, whose album will be in stores in September 2008 and Grammy Award winner, Beyonce Knowles album will follow.

“I’ve been fortunate to stay in the game even when the times got tough. A lot of my colleagues had to shut down and work for a big corporations but not me, I’m a deliberate creator of my own destiny and I am earning a good living. I focus on my investments, the tuition for daughters’ education at American University and then some!” stated Sibrena Stowe Fernandez.
La Chic, Inc. is a resource for Urban music and luxury brands that target African-American and Hispanic consumers. Additional La Chic, Inc’s clients include Kedar Massenburgs’ K’orus Wines, recording artist, “Joe” and Neo-Classic Soul singer, Algebra. Corporate clients include C3 Media- an interactive service, Universal Music Group, The Developer’s Group, Egger’s Jewelry, Urban Impact Conference and others.
With economic conditions declining, I have to wonder how this will impact the urban luxury market. Why is this sector continuing to thrive?

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