It seems like the most common request that I get from magazines, newspapers, reporters, clients, and as well as my social media networks is “What is hot in luxury media today?” Mainly, they all want to know about luxury branding concepts, trends, ideas, and anything that will give them an edge on the subject matter.

I always stress to these people you should read our blog to stay in the know! However, people are lazy and want the homework done for them. But, you really should read our blog and take advantage of ALL the free information we provide.
So, I have taken the time to reveal the hottest trends surrounding luxury media today. Giving some insight on What is Hot and What is Not! Reviewing some of our best blog posts and putting it all together for the lazy people.
Hottest Trends for Luxury Media Today:
One thing luxury marketers can do to protect themselves against fakes, is to start educating consumers about the “real” value of their brands. Hint, luxury retailers there is more to just sticking you’re label on someone’s A$$! More to just selling your brand as an image and logo.
Not Hot: Replica knockoffs! Fakes!
Look as this lineup, Claudia Schiffer, 38, for Chanel and Ferragamo, Christy Turlington, 39, for Escada, and Naomi Campbell, 38, who recently replaced 34-year-old Kate Moss as the face of Yves Saint Laurent.
Not Hot: Younger models in targeted ad campaigns
Mixing Posh and Economical Brands

The Luxury Institute sees a growing trend of high-low dressing–mixing items from mass-market or fast-fashion retailers.
Wealthy consumers consider advice from friends or family on spending decisions. However, many wealthy consumers are electing to Google for answers about purchasing high-end luxury products by using search engines to conduct research.
Not Hot: Luxury brands with limited online publicity!
Many people often wonder why our blog combines the topics we cover with luxury media and global marketing. We focus on the top tier of subjects that generally makeup the luxury market, like celebrities, fashion, real estate, events and even politics. By reporting on these subjects we gain valuable insight on the luxury market and those contributing to the industry.
Following subjects allow us to monitor the luxury media market and also cover topics that we feel will impact those focused on the industry. Sometimes I cover subjects that are not related to luxury directly but have impacts nationally and globally. A view I feel necessary to keep the luxury industry in touch with the world!
You will never be able to sell your target audience until you learn to understand them.

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