Somewhere between being a luxury PR publicist and blogging with now also tweeting, I have come to understand the power of being labeled as a celebrity blogger. It all started with being able to blog story lines that got picked up by major media outlets, you know like Google News, etc. Adding the social media buzz to the story lines was all it took and then my stardom as a creditable celebrity blogger was branded and born.

Still focused on being a luxury PR publicist, as a celebrity blogger I no longer worry about the competition of other PR firms. In fact, they actually keep my firm really busy these days. I’ve even learned how to make money from other PR firms as a celebrity blogger, yes being a celebrity blogger certainly has its perks. Celebrity bloggers get paid to create buzzing newsworthy story lines. Add Twitter to the mix and you can make some mega bucks!

Just how did I become a celebrity blogger, look at me conducting my own interview, LOL. The fame has gone to my head already! Here is what you can do to become a celebrity blogger; other celebrity bloggers would never reveal this information.

Six Tips to Become a Celebrity Blogger:

1. Start Writing Articles – I started writing articles over at to see if I could find an audience that would be interested in what I actually had to say. I gained popularity by making it on the top 10 list focusing on my niche PR.

2. Find A Niche – I focused on luxury PR and started to blog about and dominate anything related to luxury. I became the social media luxury PR publicist to the world; always expand your reach global.

3. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet – It was important that I started tweeting about topics that related to my niche to gain recognition as an expert. This inspired tweeting about my tweets and lead to re-tweets about my tweets. Here is my secret to using Twitter!

4. Press Release Promotions – Every week I write a press release related to my niche to gain media recognition. This helps land me interviews, article write-ups and tons of FREE publicity.

5. Toot Your Horn – Start making top lists for bloggers. Promote your expertise about your niche to win awards, take part in studies, write articles for publications related to your niche, etc.

6. Make Guest Appearances – Build your brand as a celebrity blogger by writing guest posts for other bloggers. Write expert articles for other experts to post on their websites!

I’m a celebrity blogger, get me out of here!

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