There was a movie made about Laurie Kellogg called Trapped and Deceived; Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg (1994) and today surrounding her conviction there remains unconfirmed whisperings of perjury, judicial misconduct and police corruption, which remains uninvestigated.

Why is this media issue a concern?
In Laurie’s own words:
My husband was shot to death by a young man, who found out that my husband had been molesting his girlfriend and her best friend for several years. He was the fiancé of one of the girls that did baby sitting for us. He was on drugs at the time he killed my husband…he was also heavily involved in the occult. It is impossible to explain such a complicated situation in a few paragraphs.
He Confessed To Lying Under Oath
The young man lied on the witness stand as he testified against me at my trial. (I was charged with murder.) When caught up in his lies, he confessed to lying under oath – yet, still I was convicted and sentenced to a maximum sentence. I have lost my husband through the murder…though abusive, he was the only source of security I had ever known. I lost my home, my car, my land, all of my material possessions, my freedom, but worst of all I lost my children.
For the first 26-years of my life, everyone I loved or trusted either let me down or abused me in one way or another…right down to a baby sitter who sexually abused me as a child of 11. You are expecting to hear now how bitter I am. All of these things are true and yet. my heart is filled with joy and praise! What do I have to say about all that has happened to me? THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU!
Today there is a media campaign launch to help free Laurie Kellogg
If this woman is innocent what should the public do?

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