Celebrity kids are becoming major buzz for Hollywood news and gossip websites. Seems like these websites can’t get enough of talking about Celebabies; a popular term used to refer to kids of celebrities. But there is one celebrity baby in particular who is leading the bunch and standing out in the crowd.

Little Miss Suri Cruise, daughter of infamous parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is constantly in headlines. What is she most famous for? Simply being Suri and being spotted out and about. When Suri Cruise got a haircut it sparked one of the biggest Internet searches in history.

People Magazine; often continue headlines about Suri on the front page of their website. In fact, the headline story for Suri today is, “Suri Gets Carried Away.” Which they show a picture of Tom and Katie walking and Tom is carrying Suri. LOL!

Why are gossip sites focusing on Celebabies?

That’s simple, celebrity bump (pregnancy) is big business and celebrity babies are even bigger business. People are fans of celebrities and naturally they become fans of their kids. Those in the media thrive from those starving for information on their favorite celebrities and adding some dish about celebrity kids adds icing on the cake.

This is the perfect time to push high-end products and services that may be similar to what Celebabies have or wear. Hot trend opportunities make it easier to create a buzz surrounding products and services.

Celebabies Media Buzz Tip Ideas:

1. We Do Suri Cruise Haircuts!

2. Let Us Plan a Brad Pitt and Zahara Fun Day!

3. Get Your Tot A Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Makeover!

4. Go Pop Cool! Look Like Britney’s Sean Preston and Jayden James

5. Jennifer Garner and Violet Shop Whole Foods, Let Us Show You How-to Eat Healthy

Now go out and get some Celebabies buzz!

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