If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Hollywood’s “It” couple, then Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would have to be the next runner up. Pitt and Jolie a.k.a Brangelina, Brad, 44, and Angie, 33, are seen as Hollywood’s golden couple.

Seemingly, the two couples are leading successful lives. However, a Cruise family insider tells Life & Style, “It seems as though Tom’s always trying to compete with Brad, and that’s a difficult job.”
Tom Cruise continues to receive negative press over Scientology and have to deal with rumors surrounding his relationship with Katie is fake, which the insider cites has left Cruise “with the sense that he’s not, you know, as beloved anymore.” The insider reveals that Tom feels that “Brad has these causes — save the children, rebuild New Orleans, donate to charity — while Angelina’s practically St. Angelina these days. How do you compete with that?” In fact, the insider says, “Tom has started to kid that he’s past his prime, He’ll turn to Katie and joke, It’s up to you now, kid! He’ll laugh, but it’s a worry, too, like he’s tapping into some insecurity.”
Is there some real competition between these super couples or is this all being hyped up by the media?

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