Please stop killing Jaleel White! He is NOT dead and his career is somewhere waiting to be revived. Looks like Rapper DMX helped to kill the lovable Steve Urkel character also known as Jaleel White in real life, this time around.

Noted: If that’s the case, DMX has been striking out more times than Steve Urkel trying to bag a one-night-stand with Laura Winslow (Gasp! A “Family Matters” reference…. did I do that?). May Jaleel White and Kellie Shanygne Williams’ careers both rest in peace.

This is not the first time Jaleel White has died! Allegedly a report was released by the Associated Press that White left a suicide note with his former catchphrase “Did I do that?”

On the upside, Jaleel White’s popularity is looking up! Seems like all the bad press has sparked some interest in him again, so he is NOT dead! He landed at#1 on as the most visited celebrity.

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