Looks like Jermaine Dupri and hip hop teen favorite Bow Wow have worked out their differences. Bow Wow says, “He’s my father,” referring to the musical bond he shares with Dupri.

“He’s the dude when you in the crib and have your arguments, you move out the crib. … But me and Jermaine Dupri are back tight again. We hanging out every day. I’m putting him on this song Swizz Beatz did for me called ‘Big Bank Take Little Bank.’ I’m trying to throw him on there right now. Y’all gonna see JD on the album even if he just gets on there and says, ‘Y’all know what this is!’ He’s gonna be a part of it even if I have to drag him,” said Bow Wow.

Jermaine Dupri remains busy announcing the launch of his upcoming new group a multiracial R&B quartet called Git Fresh from Fort Lauderdale, FL. The group focuses on a music style called Booty Music and is in hot demand in their hometown.

Sounds like Def Jam/So So Def will be burning up the charts with more #1 hits!

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