Media reports are buzzing all over the net that Cindy McCain was injured during a handshake. Painting Mrs. McCain; in the media to be very fragile and weak. Her background with substance misuse is highlighted on, which cites to keep her away from painkillers as a result of her hand injury.

Michelle Obama is considered a white people hating scary black woman. Now, that sounds even scarier when you think about Mrs. Obama becoming a first lady. Most important the media proclaims Mrs. Obama has never been proud of her country.

The public is still asking who Cindy McCain is and why is she rarely given any media attention. Especially, not like that of Michelle Obama who even gets her own HuffingtonPost’s Big News Page, same as Hillary Clinton.

Is the media fairly representing Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama? Is Cindy really frail and weak? Is Michelle Obama really all that scary?

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