I guess someone forgot to explain to Kimora that young teens should not be half-dressed like fashion models. In her defense she started modeling at an early age and most likely thinks that ALL young girls should dress like runway models all the time.

New York Magazine was not at all impressed with her preview launch for Kimora Lee Simmons’s new juniors’ line for JCPenney, Fabulosity. Citing we were surprised by how modest and dress-code-friendly it was. We wondered if Kimora might surprise us again at the launch party that night with a similar sense of age-appropriateness. We don’t know why we bothered wondering.

They noted Kimora expressed to them at the soirée at Hiro nightclub she didn’t approach designing her juniors’ line any differently from her Baby Phat and KLS lines. She attempted to explain “It has its similarities and it has its differences, but the price point and the age group is a little lower,” continuing “Though, technically, in the new line, I wear a lot of it. You’re going to see these girls on the runway and you’re going to say ‘Kimora did that.’ Because I would wear that. And my kids would wear that. So it’s a very diverse line.”

Kimora was then rushed away by her publicist Keesha Johnson, the magazine stressed they wanted to ask her if that meant she wears the same clothes as her kids? Johnson moved the questions along and allowed only one more question from the slew of print reporters. They (NY Mag) jumped to ask about her plans for Fashion Week! When she finished compellingly explaining to a tabloid how Djimon Hounsou and her daughters get along so well, she turned to NY Mag while her publicist tried to usher her away and said, “I’m working hard. I’ll see you there, right?”

Kimora please get some press skills and manners! Yikes! Anyway, I wonder if the Kimora Lee Simmons’s juniors’ line for JCPenney, Fabulosity be a hit or miss?

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