This is one of the times when saying for crying out loud simply will not do. For those who don’t understand just how hard it is to be black and still accomplish anything please walk a mile in a black person’s shoes.

YES, President Elect Barack Obama is the first BLACK President and he is BLACK! He has never denied that he is biracial or bicultural. In fact most can respect him for acknowledging his heritage and cultural makeup. An article written in by Marie Arana titled “He’s Not Black” is strictly seen through the eyes of a person who clearly don’t understand the black rules of America.

In America, if you are black, even with one drop you are considered the black person. Let me tell you it is not easy being the black person. Being black you can’t be good or even great; you must at all times be always excellent. Does Marie Arana understand what it means to always have to be exceptional and well above average?

Dear Marie

This is what it means to be black. Take the time to celebrate Obama’s success to becoming the 44th President of The United States of America and still a black man! He is a black man with a black wife with ALL stereotypes included.

Are you seeking first to understand and then to be understood? What is it really like to be black? You can’t lead where you have never been.


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