Sen. Barack Obama is not letting up and stands strong behind his media message directed toward African American fathers. Sunlen Miller reports for ABC News that Obama told reporters aboard his plane to San Diego that Americans need to recognize that there is a problem when more than a half of African American children are growing up without a father in the house.

This “tough love” message to African Americans which prompted a reaction from Rev. Jesse Jackson in anger to relate that Sen. Obama is talking down to Black people.

Rev. Jesse Jackson was asked by Ryan Cameron (V-103) radio personality LIVE on the air last week “if he had it to do over again, what words would he have used?” Cameron reminded Rev. Jackson that he has often been known in the media for his riming words. The Rev Jackson replied “What words would I have used?” then he said something like this “one of none and none of any.”

My feelings on the very sensitive subject matter. Well, clearly I am a fan of both Sen. Barack Obama and Rev. Jesse Jackson, as noted here in an earlier post.

I do feel that there is a major problem when half of African American children are growing up in households without fathers. My viewpoint is that this reality is deeper than a public message to get your act together but one that has so much to do with economic development and status.

In short, both messages and experiences of Sen. Barack Obama and Rev. Jesse Jackson will be needed to end the cycle of African American children growing up without fathers. Not divorce households but those African American children who do not know their fathers. This remains a cry for help.

I feel that Sen. Obama is telling African American fathers to be “real men” and own up to responsibilities.

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