I confess I am officially obsessed with Twitter and everything Twitter related. Actually, everything that is branded Twitter related. For a luxury brand there is no other place on earth that you can increase your brand awareness better than Twitter’s reach.

If you have a luxury product you should be tweeting about luxury. While most people think that it is the number of Twitter followers you have that counts. Actually it is the number of followers that you have who have a large following that will expand your reach and give your Twitter profile a higher value over someone with more followers.

A search for luxury at Twitter.Grader.com shows the top 100 related Twitter profiles. The luxury blog @Luxist has a Twitter score of 99.6 with 2,208 followers is ranked #6, while online luxury fashion retailer NET-A-PORTER.COM known for Tweets as @luxury_fashion has a Twitter score of 98.0 with 5,501 followers is ranked #68.

So luxury brands should be tweeting about luxury every chance you get. Twitter is the new luxury sweet tooth, not just candy for nerds anymore!

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