I absolutely adore Kandi Burruss and think that she seems to be a genuine person. So when I learned that Kandi was going to open an affordable luxury style store in Atlanta I was super excited for her! Plus I became even more excited when I learned that the store is located in West Village, metro Atlanta’s Smyrna, Georgia. Kudos to Kandi for picking a great location!

Kandi had the makings of a wonderful grand opening; great location and tons of publicity. She received mega press following The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the unfortunate death of her former fiancé A.J. Jewell. Kandi used her social media platforms to promote her store TAGS Boutique. There was even a great write up in Access Atlanta that told how she and her friend plus partner Peaches Chin launched the store and their business concept. This is a real bonus to have your features and benefits for your business concept highlighted in a feature story.

So what is my beef with Kandi and her marketing skills? Kandi forgot to launch her website along with all of the FREE publicity she was receiving. The website was under construction and valuable missed marketing promotions are now lost forever. Imagine the sales that could have been generated?? Leads that could have been captured for mailing lists, promotions, etc! Yikes it hurts just thinking about it. You can visit the store online at Tagsatl.com.


Since this post Kandi has now added an email sign up to her website!

I hear that the online store is expected to launch really soon and I sure hope so for Kandi’s sake. Kandi I know you read the blogs and hate the bad press, please forgive me and I can help you!

A website is a valuable asset to your marketing strategy. It is your flagship operations for promotions and permanent address that you want to train people to visit over and over again. Publicity is most effective when you can present a solution through an offering.

ALL who would like some help with a product launch or development? Please contact me in confidence at postmaster@mosnarcommunications.com. It was by no accident that you found this post I am a publicity machine and marketing fool.

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