Looks like social media sites like Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace are responsible for making millions of Britons fat! Released in Mirror.co.uk News, social media websites are turning Britain into a nation of fatties. It appears that Brits are piling on the pounds at a dramatic rate and social media sites are to blame!

The new Somerfield survey reveals that a third of people said they had put on half a stone in three months and nearly half of Brits, who spend an average of two-and-a-half hours a day surfing the net, claim that they would rather miss out on a proper evening meal than miss out on the latest status updates of their friends.
Additionally, cited in the survey was that pounds were put on because millions of Britons are scoffing crisps and chocolate while online instead of eating healthy meals.
The weight gain problem occurs in the evenings, almost three-quarters said they found it hard to stop surfing once they’d gone online with the most popular time to log on between 6 pm and 9 pm.
The city of Newcastle tops British’s list for the most skip meals (57 per cent), closely followed by Manchester (52 per cent), Liverpool (48 per cent) and then Bristol (48 per cent), says the new survey by Somerfield.
Somerfield spokesman, Pete Williams, stresses “Our digital habits are changing the way we live our lives and can be unhealthy.”
44% of London’s population says the most addictive social networking sites were found to be Facebook, Bebo and MySpace being the most popular pastimes, followed by instant messaging to stay in touch.

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