You got to give it to Sesame Street they sure know how to brand a birthday! After all turning older is a great reason to celebrate and if you can include some brand awareness, why not flaunt that too.

If you Google you know that Sesame Street is celebrating 40 years. And BOY is Google excited about it because they have featured Sesame Street lovable characters on their homepage everyday starting last week. While Google is all about doing good they are also about being smart too, co-branding with Sesame Street is likely their smartest PR move this year.

Now First Lady Michelle Obama is ready to celebrate along with Sesame Street too.

According to People “Mrs. Obama also delivers a message that may not entirely sit well with Cookie Monster. Appearing with three kids and the show’s fuzzy, red resident Elmo, she encourages them to plant seeds in the ground, water them and then expect them to sprout tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and carrots.”

On Tuesday Sesame Street will celebrate their 40th anniversary and Mrs. Obama and other very special guests will pay a visit.

Sesame Street: A Celebration of 40 Years of Life on the Street

All of the publicity and media attention has everyone excited to watch the show. Believe me it will be the biggest ratings in Sesame Street history, can’t wait to see the anniversary show!

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