Having money and power does not make you fit to be a parent. It concerns me when people like Sharon Stone are allowed to adopt children! Clearly this woman is NOT a mother and never should have been allowed to be one, ever ever!

People.com is reporting what was revealed in the Superior Court papers about Stone’s parenting skills; Not shocking but extremely disappointing that this woman is left alone with ANY visitation rights is alarming.
In the Superior Court papers, the judge stated Stone “delegates many of her parenting responsibilities to third parties” and has “simply refused” to participate in counseling unless her “schedule is accommodated and her demands are met.”
According to the judge, Stone has so overreacted to her 8-year-old son’s health issues that she suggested he get a Botox treatment for his smelly feet!
“Such conduct on the part of any parent … is unacceptable and does not serve the child’s best interest,” the San Francisco judge writes in the document, which is a tentative statement on Stone’s motion to modify custody. The judge has turned down Stone’s request to move her son Roan to Los Angeles, where she lives, from his father Phil Bronstein’s home in San Francisco. The actress is allowed visitation time with the child, getting some weekends and holidays.

I feel the only reason Stone has any custody rights are because she is a celebrity!

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