There comes a time when most celebrities will hope to capture their target audiences and win media attention. Looks like for Solange Knowles her season and time has finally arrived. Walking in the shadow of such a mega superstar like sister Beyonce Knowles for Solange, she admits has been really hard. However, Solange seems to be confident that she will be as big of a celebrity brand as Beyonce.

Giorgio Armani recently announced that Solange is the new “ambassador” for Armani jeans. Beyonce is already the face for Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance.

After listening to the song “I Decided” by Solange Knowles there is NO doubts that she really has star power and will be a very marketable mega celebrity brand.

Congrats to Solange! We were first taken with Solange when Samantha Thavasa signed her along with sister Beyonce as a duo brand.

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