When it comes to O.J. Simpson racial lines go up immediately. In the Las Vegas case I myself don’t feel like O.J. got a fair shake from the justice system at all. The charges, evidence, character of the witnesses, etc. However, those who are not fans of O.J. are claiming victory and saying that the justice system is alive and well.
Do those who claim victory celebrate that O.J. will get life for the guilty verdict in Vegas or for the killings he was found NOT guilty of? This is a PR problem for the justice system and a big one. Being found not guilty holds no weight when charges against O.J. like the ones in Vegas with weak evidence can stick!

Sounds like a system of Gotcha law and vengeful standards. Should O.J. have been smarter than he was to get caught up in such a mess? Well, during the trial of the century we learned that O.J. was not so smart at all. So this comes as no surprise that O.J. landed in such a really bad situation.

The fact remains, this man (O.J.) was given bait and he took it. Those who tapped him like an undercover setup knew he was not smart and certainly NO mastermind. However, it was a way to get him and they did.

O.J. knew these items belonged to him and he could also prove that these items belonged to him. All he ever had to do was get a court order for an Injunction to recover his items. Problem solved!

Not only is this a PR problem for the justice system but also for Las Vegas! Who now have the same image as a backwoods redneck small town in Georgia! What happens in Vegas? Stays in Vegas?????? Vegas will need to build trust with tourist, especially African American tourist. Good luck!

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