Want to know how to contact Kim Zolciak from The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Kim uses Google for email and also to host her website blog via their Blogger service. Kim can be reached at kimzolciakcontact@gmail.com .

What has Kim been up to? Well she officially launched www.kimzolciak.com on August 1, 2009 and she uses her blog to increase her reality celebrity publicity and tell her side about bad press. Smart PR move!

Over the weekend Kim hooked up with another famous Kim, A-List Celeb Kim K a.k.a Kim Kardashian!

Here is what Zolciak had to say about the hookup:

“We started off by going to a party at the W Midtown and then ended up at club Primal after Kim Kardashian tweeted with me back and forth about meeting up while she was hosting at the venue.”

Too fab and blonde!

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