And the winner is??? Well the winner is Barack Obama, Mr. President Elect! However, Apple sure did give him a run for his money to becoming The World’s Best Marketer. No easy task as both Obama and Apple had the world by the marketing rims.

Why is Obama, The World’s Best Marketer? Well, the man was elected to be the first black President. Obama made being called black even cool, again. Some how the world just stopped using African American because Obama made a note that he was a black man and he was running for President.

Now, when it came to who really had the BEST publicity campaign? We must give that award to Obama again too! He wins mostly for his creative method of using web 2.0. A natural born publicity machine, self branding product placement winner!
What’s next for Apple?

This company is so great that they make the trends we all love to follow. Looks like Apple wants to be green and maybe the greenest. Apple’s new campaign is The World’s Greenest Family of Notebooks.

The MacBook new image makeover is ALL green.

I can think of ONE million reasons WHY I love Obama and Apple. However, my main reason is because I am a Luxury PR Publicist! They both are a PR dream come true, keep the publicity buzzing!!

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