We grew to love Tom Cruise as our favorite action hero and leading man in exciting flicks like “Top Gun,” “Days of Thunder” and “The Last Samurai.” The New York Post (Page Six) reports that at 46, Cruise is thought to be too old and too expensive to star in the new “Mission Impossible” sequel. While Cruise is reportedly begging to star in “MI4,” Paramount wants a younger, cheaper guy. A source told Page Six that Cruise had a tantrum and ran out of the meeting with Paramount.

The media had a field day when news broke that Angelina Jolie replaced Cruise as the star of Columbia Pictures’ spy thriller “Edwin A. Salt,” as a result will now need a new title reported by Variety.
How is Tom going to handle this PR problem? Looks like it will take more than sitting down with Oprah, again to handle this PR crisis. Don’t feel sorry for him, after all this is Tom Cruise! Tom plans to turn to comedy to revive his career.
Do you feel that this is a good PR move for Cruise? Will people receive him as a comedian?

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