Mosnar Communications, Inc is a PR firm by trade and a blog publisher for newsworthy reporting. The public is our audience and we feel comfortable that we have found our voice among those who read our blogs. I support and always encourage freedom of speech; that is why we publish comments 100% of the time. It is not necessary that anyone who read our blogs agree with every viewpoint which is what makes blogging such a success.

Recently our blog credentials went under attack by an unknown blog seeking publicity. Mosnar Communications in our network of blogs will never debate or question another blogger’s opinions. We truly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and freedom to voice their views. However, when blog critics purposely report false information about our blog credentials we immediately point out that they stand to be corrected.
Justin Flaherty, a Managing Director from Horizon Communication Group recently reported incorrect information about our blog not being listed on “From PR to Eternity” Top PR Blogs. Additionally, Justin stressed his high hopes of making this list as well as the AdAge Power 150. Mosnar Communications sincerely hopes that Justin one day makes these lists, as we have already achieved both of these accomplishments now sought by Justin.
In closing, we have no problems with those like Justin Flaherty who voice negative opinions about us. However, for those who may want to follow Justin, it is very important that he report correct facts first. Looks like I have truly crossed over to the blogger point of views, those PR people will stop at nothing for some FREE publicity, lol
P.S. When pointing out to Justin his error he updated his blog and removed the incorrect information about our blog credentials of NOT being on these lists!

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