Luxury brands are able to deliver on a demand for superiority over engaging price points. However, luxury products still have to find their place in the market when it comes to pricing; it should not be considered unimportant just because it is luxury.

There are many reasons why luxury PR campaigns tend to fail. Most luxury marketers will rely heavily on advertising over public relations and they expect to get most of their results from advertising efforts alone. This action leaves their PR campaigns at risk for failure from the start.

Often luxury marketers lead their luxury PR campaigns focused on fads over trendsetting. Neglecting to establish branding positions that focus on how trends can add value to existing products or services.

There are many solutions to recognize how to build a luxury PR campaign around trendsetting ideas. The Internet offers a variety of information to be able to track and monitor trends; most of them are readily available for free.

Tracking Trend Ideas:

1. Google Alert – Allow Google to do your homework for you by setting up trend alerts for luxury product or service ideas. Example: Hot, New, First, Fresh, Trend, Trendsetting

2. – Let help you stay update by alerting you what the latest trends are, know what’s hot or not ahead of the time.

Communicate with your target audience using press releases and let the media know about findings of trends in your industry. Prompt publicity buzz by promoting story ideas to the media that position your luxury products or services with hot trends.

Because failure should never be an option!

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