Rethinking what PR strategy you should take for 2010? One thing for sure public relations should be a top priority this year for every brand, business, expert, and so on. However, there are some new rules of PR that will require you to make smart moves. That is if you want to be successful at using top media to reach target audiences.

Why is it so important to reach target audiences using major media outlets? Generally, media outlets such as television, radio, blogs, newspapers, magazines, social media networks, etc have massive followings. The topics and subjects featured is a guideline to determine if the media outlets would be a fit to connect with desired target audiences.

You want to focus this year on building more brand awareness and credibility. Connecting with target audiences through top media outlets is an organic method of communications. This enhances brand loyalty and influence to create a demand.

So which PR trends and predictions for 2010 will help skyrocket your publicity exposure? Here is my list of 2010 Five Smartest PR Moves and Trends to Start Now

Value Awareness

The urgency to build value awareness will grow. Establish brand value with a clear message that communicates what you represent. Value awareness reveals quality and superiority.

Branded Exposure

The biggest trend to watch will be branded exposure. Expect to see more branded content in a big way. Giving target audiences what they seek as interests through branded exposure. In social media networks even short URLs are being branded.

Real-time Exposure

All PR initiatives will be on targeting Google for real-time exposure in search results. This new practice makes it necessary for all press releases to be newsworthy, thank God! Even blog posts, Facebook announcements, Twitter tweets, etc need to be interesting enough to attract buzz in real-time. This is the best thing to ever happen in PR history, the playing field is officially leveled.

Social Engagement !!!!

Social engagement will be the biggest focus for promotions. Social media networking is now considered a serious business strategy. It will be imperative to engage social media audiences for influence and brand awareness. Hint, how many friends and followers you have really, really matters today.

Event Effect

The Tiger Woods approach totally changed the game on how celebrity star power will influence brand loyalty. New trends will be to create events that leave lasting effects to influence brand loyalty. Now is an excellent time to even select a nonprofit event to raise awareness to support a charity cause.

Good luck with incorporating these five smart moves to jumpstart your PR campaigns.

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