If I read just one more advertising copyright dressed up as a press release I will scream! What are luxury brands thinking today? One thing for sure all of their press releases are starting to sound alike. Yes, I do know we are in a recession but luxury brands should not panic. Please give us some news of substance, please!

Actually, this is the ultimate time to connect with target audiences, during a recession. And for those of you who are still not blogging, just close up shop today. I see press release announcements for price points, features, attractions, etc. Again, why is this news? You still have got to give a little to get anything. The problem with press releases today is that they don’t tell a storyline. It is the story that makes the press release newsworthy to be interesting for pickup.

Kill Fluff

The major problem is that too much fluff is being used in press releases for luxury brands. If you believe your product is cutting edge that is okay only if you reveal this to be your viewpoint and of course support why. But to announce that your product is cutting edge is guiding consumers with only advertising opinion, a form of fluff.

Tell A Story

If a journalist or producer finds your storyline interesting this opens the door to receive free publicity. You could get a feature in a top newspaper, magazine or even be asked to make a guest appearance on a top talk show. The important thing to understand here is that you are getting something for free, so sounding like an Ad will likely get you nothing.

Call to Action

When press releases are crafted correctly they persuade with a call to action. Addressing the basic elements such as who, what, when, where, why, and how is essential for every press release. Well written press releases should grab attention for action.

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