I’m Tiger Woods’ Mistress, NO; I AM! The demand to become the biggest branded mistress in American history is why women are stepping up to claim the title. Not just any brand but the brand to be Tiger Woods’ mistress.

So will the real Tiger Woods’ mistress please standup! Who is she? Does she only exist in the media and only a figure of our desire to love media formulated storylines?

Mistress or no mistress the branding damage is done. Which is why women are lining up and hoping to claim the media title! Someone will eventually win the minds of the people to become Tiger Woods’ mistress. It does not matter if Tiger ever knew her or not.

So for the record, I believe I am Tiger Woods’ mistress. Nope I never met him before either.

Do you believe that Tiger Woods is having an affair? How many mistresses can ONE man handle!

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