Forget about the polls wants to show letter averages for Congress. How will this impact Capitol Hill? Well, as results go this site will be a strong representation of how The People view Congress. And politicians can see what their PR images reveal from A through F.

Who is the mastermind behind this wonderful idea? After working 26 years for the Senate, Elizabeth Letchworth is launching a new website which report aims to keep members in touch with the rest of the country. will allow users to give individual members a letter grade, A through F. The site will display each lawmaker’s average, as well as breakdowns by political party and by grades sent by voters who actually live in a member’s district.
We should expect this site to do very well, as President Barack Obama set the standards for online political communications. This site will become a huge part of political campaigning. Congrats to Elizabeth Letchworth and well deserved.

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