This is why Oprah still remains the most sought after media source in the world! A woman name Linda in Bethesda, Maryland creates a diary blog about how she lost 57 lbs watching Oprah. This should certainly encourage the Queen of Media who came clean about still having problems with controlling her own weight to follow her own advice.

Linda Writes:
“How I lost 57 lbs in two months with the easy Diet I made up from watching Oprah!”
My name is Linda Collier from Bethesda, Maryland.. I’m not a celebrity, fitness buff, someone with a lot of money to spend on a trainer or someone with a lot of willpower or anything like that. I’m just a wife and a mother of 3 who figured out a diet that works better than any famous program or exercise routine.. So first I’ll tell you the basics about me: I’ve been married to my husband Rod for 5 years and we have a little boy and twin girls. I also work as a nurse part time besides being a mom, so as you can imagine life is pretty crazy and I don’t have a lot of time. I hope that my story can help you to be inspired to lose weight also. Check out Linda’s blog here

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