This is the media release surfacing the Internet surrounding all the hype around celebrity births and twins! Angelina Jolie primary suspect in FBI investigation!

The FBI and INTERPOL are investigating claims that Doctor’s have created a way of cloning fetuses while in the womb – leading to the recent spate of ‘celebrity twins’. Many believe that celebrities are paying for this service.

Angelina Jolie is just the latest high profile celebrity to produce twins – others include Jennifer Lopez, Nancy Grace, Marcia Cross and Julia Roberts.

“It’s a bit of a coincidence don’t you think?” said one FBI agent who had just obtained a warrant to search the vagina’s of Jolie and Lopez – he decided to pass on Nancy Grace.

“I am trying to get a look at Robert’s womb also – hopefully she will comply without the need of a warrant” he continued.

It is believed that Doctors are offering celebrities ‘Twins to order’ and that this unnatural occurrence is at the worse illegal and at the best ‘weird’.

“I am actually looking forward to having a look inside Jessica Alba – who is also expecting twins” smiled the lucky agent “However if Rosie O’Donnell suddenly announces she is expecting twins I will hand in my badge.”

Update: Clearly this is a satire but the part added about the Patriot Act being used to launch the investigation is very real.

Follow up – FBI Patriot Abuse (This is not Satire!)

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