Sheryl Crow resides in Tennessee and most likely will never leave because she says she feels like you can actually live a normal life in Middle Tennessee. Crow stresses that in Tennessee Faith Hill shops and talks on the cell phone!

“Faith walked in, on her cell phone, nobody around,” Crow says. “There the two of us were, just shopping like normal people, and there’s just something really nice about that. It makes us feel very much like being part of a community, and also like I’m at home.
Citing, “Since I’ve moved here, it’s a completely different picture,” says the 46-year-old singer, who moved to Tennessee in 2006. “There’s no fascination with celebrity here like there is in Los Angeles. I can live a pretty normal life, and my son can have a pretty normal existence without any paparazzi. I can spend time with my girlfriends here and nobody seems particularly interested, so it’s a very nice way to live.”

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